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Dissertations are incomplete without research methodologies. High-quality dissertations will include an appropriate, rational and systematic research methodology that generates reliable findings. This is a section where it shows type data you’ve used in your dissertation, tools you will be used to collect the data, research design, statistical tools to analyse the data, and complexity of the task and so on. These factors come together to determine the framework used to conduct the research and also assists in understanding the viewpoints and arguments in the thesis.

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Importance of Dissertation Methodology Writing

The research methodology section is a crucial part of your paper. Also, it is one of the most complicated sections in writing a dissertation. A well-written research methodology will instantly elevate the standard of your thesis.


You might ask how?


Well, firstly it is a systematic way of validating your conclusions in the thesis.


Secondly, it helps us answer the basic questions related to the research study undertaken, formulation of the research problem, types of data collected, methods used such as quantitative or quantitative research methods and techniques used to analyse the data.


Thirdly, this is the section where the professors dwell the most. They would obviously want to know in-depth details about the dissertation and this section provides them with exactly that.


Therefore, it is extremely important that your research methodology section is written in a descriptive yet cohesive manner, which is what we offer.


We give you a comprehensive approach toward research methodology writing, helping you reach your academic goals faster.

Different Types of Dissertation Methodology Writing Help We Provide

Your research methodology should be able to establish a strong relationship between the questions put forth and conclusions mentioned. More often than not, this becomes a major headache for students because of lack of exposure, time constraints and a plethora of assignments they need to submit. To help them sail through this part with ease, we offer an abundance of different types of dissertation methodology writing. To name them:

Qualitative Research Methodology Dissertation Writing

  • Observation (ethnography)
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Narratives
  • Grounded theory designs
  • Visual data
  • Textual data

Quantitative Research Methodology Dissertation Writing

  • Survey design
  • Mixed method design
  • Action research design
  • Correlation and experimental design

Structure of Writing A Dissertation Methodology

Writing a research methodology can get extremely complicated because of its in-depth nature and scientific approach. It becomes a challenge to write an error-free research methodology which is why our services offer you detailed, well-written and accurate write-ups covering all the essential elements like:

Research philosophy

Research philosophy is a key part of research methodology that can be classified into epistemology, ontology and axiology. Philosophical approaches allow researchers to decide the kind of approach that can be adopted and reasons to adopt it based on research questions. Majority of the studies focus on epistemology philosophy that comprise of positivism, realism and interpretivism philosophical branch.

Research approach

Research approach is a procedure and plan that includes steps of broad assumption to comprehensive approaches of data collection, its analysis and interpretation. Two types of approaches are basically used in a study – deductive and inductive approaches. While qualitative data uses inductive approach, quantitative data uses deductive approach.


Sampling is an important step in research design as it determines the accuracy of the results gained through the research study. Anything wrong with the sample can affect the end result. There are many techniques researchers can use to choose their sample, for instance probability and non-probability sampling technique. While the former includes simple random sampling, stratified random sampling and systematic sampling technique, the latter comprise of convenience sampling, purposive sampling, snowball sampling and quota sampling.

Ethical consideration

It is important to consider research ethics. They promote aims of the study like expanding knowledge and support the values needed for collaborative work like fairness and mutual respect. Ethical considerations ensure that researchers are implementing social and moral values while conducting the study like believing in the principle of no harm to people. Ethical considerations related to anonymity, privacy, confidentiality, transparency and consent are foremost in doing qualitative and quantitative studies.

Research design

Research design is required to facilitate the smooth flow of several research operations thus making research efficient enough to yield maximal information by using minimal time, effort and money. The choice of research design affects the reliability of results. There are two broad categories of research design – qualitative and quantitative. It can further be divided into descriptive, experimental, correlational, diagnostic and explanatory research design.

Methodological limitations

No research is perfect. There are always some limitations that researchers face with respect to sample size and biasness; nature of data likes cross-sectional or longitudinal, variables used in the study and many more. Limitations however differ from study to study.

Data collection techniques

Data collection is a key step in research methodology because the manner in which data is collected and used and the explanations it generates are determined by the research methodology as well as the analytical approach that researcher uses. Qualitative and quantitative approaches have different data collection techniques. While majority of the qualitative research use semi-structured interviews and case studies, quantitative research on the other hand uses survey method through structured questionnaires and observations.

How our experts can help in your research methodology presentation

Our team of experienced professionals will help you develop a rational and robust research methodology. From developing research ideas and objectives to formulating a suitable research design, our experts have the knowledge of collecting necessary data, prepare questionnaires and interviews and undertake surveys. We are also experienced in using statistical tools to analyse different sets of data and according generate reliable findings.


We have a team of dedicated and competent writers who compile, analyse and make suitable references from the data collected and analysed in a timely manner. We focus on establishing dissertation service standards for others to use benchmarks.

Subject Specific Research Methodology Writing Help

Our experts undergo a thorough screening before getting on board, be it in terms of their writing skills or their vast knowledge of a number of subjects and topics. This gives us an opportunity to diversify our services and offer our clients with an array of subjects. We offer you services in a range of topics, including:

  • Management Research Methodology
  • Psychology Research Methodology
  • Literature Research Methodology
  • Medicine Research Methodology
  • Nursing Research Methodology
  • Engineering Methodology
  • IT and Computer Science
  • Marketing Research Methodology
  • Human Resource Research Methodology
  • Business Management Research Methodology
  • Sociology Research Methodology

Features of Our Research Methodology Writing Service

We make sure to safeguard your academic well-being with the help of professors, writers and researchers who join our team. When you choose us, you choose a better career choice. Let us take you through a bunch of our best features:

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Get Research Methodology Writing Help from UK’s Expert Dissertation Writers

Research methodology writing lays down the precise academic reasons for the choices you make while writing your thesis. This is what makes it the most complex part of your entire dissertation/thesis. With our team of professional writers and researches, we break down this complex task to present your arguments in a way that it becomes clear and coherent.


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