How to Write a Good Narrative Essay Step by Step?

What Is A Narrative Essay?


There is no good definition of a narrative essay because every university or educational institution has its own definition and marking rubrics. This type of essay is basically about a text which is narrative and narrates a story. This means that through such essays an experience is to be narrated. Narrative essays are expected to get a better audience because they adopt the storytelling mode of narration and so contain the stories. This is why a good narrative essay is expected to create a very good impact on the readers. This is why you need to understand how a good narrative essay is written and why it is important to write good narrative essays. Here, we take you through some good narrative essay writing tips to make sure that your narrative essay fetches a good score.


Steps to Write a Narrative Essay


  • Find a Narrative Essay Topic / Brainstorming

This seems like the easiest option but when you read through the experience of the narrative essay writing service UK companies, you get to know that brainstorming is not as easy as it sounds. Most of the times students end up discussing the topics that are already common and floated around. Brainstorming can give very good topics only if the direction of brainstorming is correct. So, if you have spent the day thinking about the topics and there is nothing new about them, it is quite not certain, that you have spent a constructive day. This is where we help you in brainstorming the topics and creating a new area of research so that your topic itself is worthy of attention!


  • Write a Thesis Statement

 The next question that arises is ‘ how to write a narrative essay’? There are so many things about, where to begin from? How to start? What should the first line say? How do I end it? Well, our experience shows that a narrative is about an incident or an experience and honestly enough, it needs a thesis statement. It is not just the thesis statement, it is also about a good, crisp, concise and smart thesis statement so that the reader is able to easily understand what the narrative is about and what should be expected from this essay. 


  • Create an Outline of Your Narrative Essay

Students avail different services about topics and thesis statements and finally, when it is the time to write the essay, many of the narrative essay writing online services in the UK may a clean mistake. There is no outline that is being made. This means that while the students are ready to write the essay, it is not really easy to just fill up the pages. You can end up repeating the content, or even writing things that may not really be relevant. This is why we suggest that you begin by writing an outline and create an outline as a guide to follow. 


  • Draft the Narrative Form

This is the main part of the narrative writing and a good narrative essay exactly follows this. You start drafting the narrative essay. Seems easy right? To be honest, it is not. A draft is simply where you have put together the experiences and thoughts. Imagine writing a complete essay and then being told that the sequence is not right, or maybe the content does not match the requirement. By the way, a common question is, was the marking rubric followed. As much as you may have worked very hard, for this draft, there are many chances that you may have to redo it! 


  • Revising a Narrative Essay

When we say you need to revise the essay, it is not only about reading it again or correcting the spellings and grammatical mistakes. It is about good content, being drafted in line, synchronizing and ideas and putting together a strong statement which is to be made. So if you think revising is reading through, we can tell you that it is not enough. A major part of the revision is the proofreading that has to be done. We really appreciate if you want to do it yourself, but then an expert proofreading your paper would be able to contribute better. 


Proofreading is not only spellings, commas and full stops. Many people will tell you that all that proofreaders do is correct your sentences. But this is what is not right. It is not about the corrections! It is about understanding what is required from a paper and what more is needed to be done to make sure that your narrative thesis, is as good as possible. Getting unrealistic scores is not the job of proofreading, but making sure that paper is able to deliver, the content and the meaning is important. 


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