How to Write a Dissertation: The Complete Step by Step Guide

A dissertation is not merely a research paper which is made to get good grades. It is an academic development which improves the ability of the student to study and analyse the different topics with a new perspective.


While a dissertation is a part of the course work, it has a deep impact on the development and abilities of the student. At the same time, let’s not forget, a good dissertation is definitely good progress! 


So, while we discuss good dissertations in this blog, let’s also show you what writing a good dissertation takes!


What is a good dissertation and most important part of a dissertation?


What is a good dissertation and most important part of a dissertation?

So, before we start understanding what good writing skills include for dissertations, let’s first see what a good dissertation is. With years of expertise in understanding the students and their needs, we have identified that a good dissertation essentially covers the following points:


A good dissertation means that the topic, aim and objectives and the process of conducting the research are in line with each other and are in tandem with each other. 



It has to be focussed! narrowing the topic as much as possible is so required! 


Facts and Figures

Get the facts right! make sure that it is based on facts and figures and not assumptions that are made. 



Self-explanatory! Anyone reading through it would be able to flow with the content.



Conclusive! This means that when a dissertation is created, the objectives are attained and conclusions are strongly made. It can even be argumentative. 



Lastly, a good dissertation is concise! It does not mean pages and pages of typed sentences. Instead, it is sharp and crisp!


Writing and Structuring a Dissertation


Writing and structuring seem to be two words that are common to each other which means that these two words can be interchanged. But to be honest! That is not possible. Writing is one thing and then structuring the dissertation is another thing altogether! 


Writing a dissertation includes the choice of words, sentence construction and the overall tone of the dissertation such that it conveys an exact meaning and inconclusive to the readers. But when it comes to structuring it refers to the choice of chapters, placement of content and research and drafting it so that that meaning is enhanced. Usually, norms show that a dissertation has sequential chapters that are to be followed. There is an introduction, then the review of literature, followed by an explanation of the methods that have been used, which is then followed by the presentation of the actual research which is undertaken. 


Now come to writing it, and most of the students are not able to give it the construct required to score good marks because it is the language, orientation and tone of the paper that matters here! 


This is exactly where we help you in guiding you through the best writing and structuring suggestions which can help you score very good grades! 


Talk to us now and we will give you examples of how and why this writing and structuring part has so many options while we suggest the best ones for you!


Is It Hard to Write a Dissertation?


It is not meant to scare you but to be honest, writing a dissertation can be hard. This complexity comes from the fact that understanding what is to be written and then actually drafting the research dissertations are two completely different processes. We have students who say that they exactly know what to write but cannot decide on where to start from.  


Students also need expert help to exact identity the point on which the research should be conducted. It is also important to understand that as students the vocabulary is also limited for many students whose native language is not English. We also help the students understand how the ideas in the mind can be put on paper. Despite the ease with which the course can chart the structure and writing of the dissertation when the actual word count is to be fulfilled, the students are at loss for content and need expert help to understand what needs to be put in and what needs to be omitted. We have also helped students increase the relevance of content in the dissertations. 


While should not assume that writing a dissertation is hard and be demotivated, a little expert advice is certainly expected to make sure that you get the best grades. 


What Are the Steps in Writing a Dissertation?


Time to take a look at the steps of writing a dissertation. Briefly understanding, the steps of writing a dissertation are simple and easy, on the condition that they are followed and most importantly, You need to understand them. Let’s Begin! 


Select a topic that you would like to study


Why we recommend the topic being as per the interest of the student is because when you are interested in researching something of significant value, you would naturally be motivated for it and conduct good research. Once, you have made your mind on what you would like to make the dissertation upon, you need to identify, what the research is about. 


Narrow and select the topic


Now, this is very simple! For example, you are someone who wants to study marketing. Now, this is very broad! The next question is what about marketing, why marketing and what exactly interests you. Let’s assume that you answer digital marketing. Then you need to ask yourself about the element of digital marketing that interests you and trust us when we say, this can have hundreds of answers. 


Finalising the title


The third step is finalising the title of the study you want to conduct and then determining the main aim to be accomplished through the research. Once this is done, you are on the right track! 


Proposing the research


Beyond this is proposing the research. In addition to the fact that each university requests a proposal to approve the research, even if the proposal is not requested, you must show the topic and the aim of your mentor. This definitely ensures that you are doing the right thing. 


Then comes the actual research where you conduct the research and being primary or secondary in nature really does not matter. The amount of effort that is consumed in both primary and secondary studies is the same. 


Writing the dissertation


After the research is conducted, then comes the most challenging part which is writing the dissertation


Structure of the Dissertation Proposal 


Title page


This shows who you are, what you are submitting and to whom you are submitting it. In order words, this is the front page of the long document that you would be creating. It definitely has to be very neat, crisp and explanatory enough to raise the curiosity.




Here is where you are expected to summarise the entire research. It is usually said that when a good abstract is compiled, it is actually half the research on one page explained. But it should be drafted in such a way that the nuances of the study are not exposed and the individual interest is generated.




This is the part where you show how thankful you are to people around you in terms of being helpful in your research process. This can be a personal or a professional acknowledgement thanking all people for their support which is shown in so many ways!


Contents page(s)


This seems simple since it just a table of contents right! But the orientation, formatting and the linked TOC is what is needed. Did this confuse you? Well, just leave a message and we will explain what this means.




This is literally introducing the research. It needs a background to the research being conducted; it needs to justify why the research is important in the first place. Then, of course, it needs to explain the aim and objectives of the study while it also sheds light on the rationale of the research. Basically, this chapter is about showing what the contribution of this research is expected to be.


Literature review


Most of the students think that this is tedious but we believe that this is meticulous. Deep studies, a critical eye and an analytical mind make it very easy to frame the review of literature, which can help in generating the conceptual framework to be applied in the research. 


Methods and materials


This chapter is about adopting a model of the research and then applying the model to devise the methods that would be used in actual research. What is tricky is the presentation. Most of the students make the mistake of writing theories and explaining the models without actually applying it! Call us at +44 776 236 4717 to know more!




Whether your research involved literature or involved respondents, there are results that have been obtained and this is where you are expected to show them. Again, there is a glitch! This chapter is mainly about the clarity and the manner in which the results can be comprehended. 


Discussion of Findings


This is the chapter that carries the weight of the research as it conjoins the findings and attains the aim and objectives of the research. In other words, this chapter discusses the findings that are found and shows how these findings at attaining the aim of the research! Sounds complicated? Drop a message now at +44 776 236 4717!




Now that you have done everything so far, you need to conclude the research. This is really important because unless the conclusion is well-drafted, the research seems to be incomplete and lacks meaning.




Remember all the work and papers you studied for completing the dissertation. Well, this is where you compile it. Each one of the sources, alphabetically! 




This is a great support to the study. All the claims and arguments that you make in the dissertation are basically supported through the content placed in the appendix. Again, here we insist that relevance is very important. 


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