How to Pick a Good Topic for a Research Paper?

You have decided to conduct research, or maybe the course that you are undertaking requires you to conduct research or even when a professional requirement needs research to be undertaken!

In all these cases, finding a research paper topic is the most important part. As a student or an academician, you would know what you want to research about, or may have some direction about the topics of the research that interest you! But why it is that some research papers are more accepted and widely read as compared with others?

This is because researching is the later part of the process, which begins with the selection of the research topic. A research topic is essentially the subject of the research and determines what the research would be conducted upon. It is supposed to explain the subject, domain and core theme on which the research is to be constructed.

However, struggling with the research paper topic is a common problem since most of the subjects already have considerable research that has been conducted in the past. Adding to this is the problem that students in senior years and earlier have also conducted the research based on these same subjects and topics.

So, to become selective and create research that is very specific and unique is a big challenge which has to be faced.

On top of this, there are many groups and individuals who offer dissertation topics suggestion services, but who guarantees that these research paper topics are actually good?

This is why selecting the best academic research paper topics is one of the first tasks which has to be completed.

Importance of Choosing a Good Research Topic for Students

For a student, the research paper is an opportunity to score good grades. Now if you ask why getting good grades is important, then 

  • With good grades, the chances of future studies and courses that can be selected are many 
  • Better jobs are offered and as a student, the competence is evidenced 
  • It is also important to research well and for this, to begin with, a good research topic is a must. 

Now let’s see why selecting a good research topic is important for students. Is it really juts the grades or is there more to it? 

Lets’ start with the research process itself. Having a good topic, means you have a perfect direction to research in. It means that the ambiguity of conducting the research is negated. 

So, when you have a good topic of research, it is interesting to conduct the research! 

A good topic of research also means that you have to study anew and collect the data for the research. When the topic is clear and concise, this process of conducting the research becomes easy. 

With good dissertation topics, a high level of specificity is found. This means that the topic would exactly define the elements of research. In this case, a student easily finds the direction and content that makes a research score better than the others. 

Simply stating- A good research topic is half the work done!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Research Topic


  • Choose Topic that Meets the Assignment Requirements

Don’t select a topic which is not related to the course. If you deviate, then the research may be good enough but not worth a good score. Stick to the requirements of the assignment and keep the topic as close as possible!

  • General Background Information

This is important because you also need to know why the research is important and how it should be conducted. Collect background information so that you exactly know what your research needs to show. Again this is possible only when you have a topic of the research that is suitable. 

  • Is That Topic “Research-Worthy”?

One of the reasons most of the students do not get good scores in their dissertations is because they pick topics that do not have a specific end. For selecting a research topic, it has to be worthy. So, either the research contributes to academic literature or it should be able to present very practical managerial implications. 

Basically, anybody reading through your research should be able to use it in one way or the other. If your topic is research worthy, it’s a good heap of a score! 

  • Your Interests In Topic

This is important because it is YOU who is expected to conduct research and if the topic interests you, then the research process and methods will also come naturally. If the topic is not of interest, then you will end up slogging and forcing yourself to conduct the research. Needless to say this will affect the research!

  • Feasibility

Imagine selecting a topic that is very good and then realizing that actual research is just not possible. For example, if you are selecting a company like NASA, and then looking at their HRM faults, then the chances that NASA employees will help in the research are null. Better to select a topic where actual research is possible!

  • Your Skills, Knowledge Vs. Societal Need

As a student, you are completing research because it is a part of your course and you need a good score. But this research is dependent upon your skills and knowledge as well. A good research topic means that you balance your skills and the societal needs for research. Go for a topic, that is into society!


Ways to Find Research Paper Topic

  • Brainstorming

This can be the easiest way. A group of people sit together and decide the best topics and subjects for research. But this also means that all the brains storming the research topic should be very competent. You can trust your own thinking and mindset but can you rely on others as well? And let’s say even if you do get some good ideas, is it not easy to decide if the topics that have been brainstormed are actually feasible or not! 

  • Do Research (Offline/Online)

Yes of course! This is an option. But then this also means that you are looking at the topics and suggestions that have already been used by someone.


Does this mean that your research topic is not unique anymore?


  • Seek Help from Expert Academic Research Paper Providers

This is a sure shot option that you would get the best help possible. The service providers are equipped with both manpower and database resources that can narrow down a research topic for you making sure that you stand Out in your class. Service providers like Covenant Solutions help students by 

  • Providing the topics as per their subjects 
  • Maintaining the specificity and exclusivity of the research topic 
  • Ensuring that the topic is as per the university norms 
  • Also make sure that topics are realistic, manageable and feasible 

Overall, a good score is so well guaranteed.

Research Paper Topics Suggestion Services in the UK

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